ARtist Statement

Having been raised in a southern mountain town as the son of a mechanical engineer the appreciation of the materials that I have at my disposal has become a large part of my creative practice. Working with my father to maintain and prolong the life of machinery and appliances throughout my childhood transitioned into my fascination with printmaking, and the meticulous nature of print processes. The rules and rigidity of printmaking became a parent figure that taught me to value craft, and any material that can be put to a good use. I admire the longing for faultless results, but due to the rigidity and scrupulous nature of printmaking I have developed some distaste for cleanliness, order, and flawless creations in my practice. My method of making questions traditional processes. I deconstruct the idea of correctness by engaging and conversing with my materials through experimentation and my use of craft. My work makes use of found objects, trash stuffs, and materials that are commonly dismissed and viewed as being useless. I am a gleaner picking up forgotten pieces and rearranging what I've collected into new patterns & forms. The de-familiarization of these objects forces my audience to view my creations in a new light.